Do You Haul Heavy? ...Or Long & Heavy?

A steerable dolly for beam hauling

Steerable Dolly for Beam Hauling


Three/Four Axle Steerable Dolly.

Width to customer specifications.

Frame: Flanges ¾” x 6” T-1 Top & Bottom. Web 3/8”, 50K Webbing.
Rear Bolster with Adjustable Beam Stops, Dual Turn Table Positions (3 axle or 4 axle centers).
4" Turntable Lockout Pin

Fifth Wheel Interchangeable with Rear Bolster. Two Position.
Two part tongue w Pintle Hook. Interfaces with Beam Diaper Assembly.

Undercarriage: Axles: 25K Rating, 60” Spacing, Auto Slacks, 16-1/2”x7” Shoes, 30/30 Parking Brakes.

Suspension: Ridewell 240 Air Ride with Auto Leveling. Dump Valves All Axles.

Wheels: White, Steel Disc, Hub Piloted w Michelin 20 Ply 275/70R22.5 Radials.

Hydraulic Steering Package: 23 Hp. Honda Motor (slides out for maintenance) with Twin 5”x 24”
(dual position cylinder mounts on two position cylinder bar with 8 ball pins & 8 grade 8 bolts).
Wireless Remote & Hardwire Pendant Control with Manual bypass Control.
Rear Pole Bolster with Chain Trays, Electric/Air Connections Front & Rear of Pole,
Single-Leg Landing Gear.
DOT Sealed Wiring Harness with LED Sealed Lights in Rubber Mounts.
Wiring & Air Hose (150’) Storage On Drivers Side.
Full Compliment of Whip Extensions and Safety Chains