Do You Haul Heavy? ...Or Long & Heavy?

Jeep A


J3- 104 3 Axle “A” Jeep (Includes Pin On Axle).
Width to customer specifications.
Neck Rails - T1-3/4”x 6” Top Flange, T1- 1”x 6” Bottom Flanges with 3/8” 50 K Webbing.
Bed Rails - T1 -¾” x 6” Top & Bottom Flanges with 3/8” 50K Webbing.
Neck Rails – T1 – 1’ x 6” Top & Bottom Flanges with 3/8” 50K Webbing.
Hydraulic Power Tower Bolster (8” of lift), (Hydraulic Power Electric Over Hydraulic) with 3
Adjustable Settings. Power Tower Bolster Assembly has 4 Position Beam Stop Adjustability.
Dual King Pin Settings. King Pin Height 48.” Holland Mark V Landing Gear (two speed).
Two 25,000 Lb. Axles (3/4” Wall) (will take a pin-on axle), 60” Spreads. Ridewell 240 Air Suspension, Auto Leveling
with Manual Override Adjustment. Manual Dump Valves on Each Axle. ABS with Type 30/30 Parking Brakes.
Steel Wheels with 275/70R22.5 Michelin 20 Ply Radial Tires
DOT Sealed Wiring Harness with Rubber Mounted LED Lightings. 50’ of Air Line & 7 Wire Cable Socked
Removable Chain Tray Behind Bolster Tower. Storage for Cable Bundle and Dunnage. Limit Chains Each Axle.

 Standard color of choice with logos.